Well, tonight's the night!

Tonight is the night that SyFy will be premiering Sharknado 2 and, as I've warned everyone on both twitter and Facebook, I am planning on tweeting the Hell out of that film. As a proud Snarkalec and a supporter of the Asylum, how couldn't I?

And yet, I have to be honest.

There's a part of me that finds all of the hype around Sharknado 2 to be really depressing. It's not so much that the films themselves aren't entertaining. While I don't think that Sharknado really comes close to matching either SyFy or the Asylum at their considerable best, it was still a fun movie and I had fun watching it last year.

The problem, however, is that everyone else had fun watching it too. Before Sharknado became a cultural event, the great thing about loving SyFy movies is that you were a member of a very exclusive and very clever club. Some people refer to that club as being the Snarkalecs. Others just call themselves fans. But the important thing was that not everyone could be a member. You had to be smart. You had to be funny. You had to know when to boo one of Kelly Thul's puns. You had to know that seeing a tree in a movie meant that it was now a race to see who would be the first to tweet, "I'm lichen this scene." You had to understand that any boat would automatically be Ben Gardner's boat. If you didn't know that the proper way to respond to Holly Wilson's call of "Drink" was to yell back "Dance!," then that meant you could not be a member of the club.

But then Sharknado came along and now, suddenly, everyone thinks that they're an expert on SyFy movies. Everyone thinks that they've got something to add to the conversation. What's especially galling is that some people -- the Normals as we call them -- seem to believe that Sharknado was the first SyFy film. Listen, folks -- we were watching SyFy films long before Mia Farrow and Philip Roth decided to spend two hours watching Sharknado. We were there first and, quite frankly, my weakest tweets are a hundred times better than anything that Mia Farrow ever said about Sharknado.

I guess when I think about the Normals watching a SyFy film, I always feel like I've been living in a pretty neighborhood that has suddenly gotten trendy. And now, all of these new, vapid people are moving in and wandering around and pointing at all the houses and going, "Oh, this neighborhood is so pretty..." And I can't help but think, "Thank you for loving it but I don't need you to point out what I already know."

So tonight, the Normals are preparing again to watch a SyFy film and good for them. I'll be watching it with them and I'll be live-tweeting the entire epic. And, just in case Mia decides to catch the sequel, I'll be sure to toss in a few jokes about sharks eating Ronan Farrow.

Sharknado 2 premieres tonight on SyFy at 8:00 p.m.