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Condition Responsive Traffic Sign


  • Condition Responsive Traffic Sign

    CRTS is a revolutionary automated sign mechanism designed to eliminate manual deployment of folding signs at traffic intersections during a power failure. CRTS will respond instantly in the event of a power failure resulting in safer intersections for motorists, pedestrians county workers and local police officers. Once the power has been restored, CRTS automatically returns to its original state and position. CRTS has been designed to be cost effective and provide immediate response in the event of an outage of power..

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    The Website is another example of an open source content management system known as e107. The creator of the device Thomas A. Janikowski, Spent many hours and provided much feedback for the site. The content contained in this example shows a rich and detailed site with fantastic information about the product. Great example of the type of site that is possible if the site owner provides feedback, input and that personal touch.
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