New Chat room for 2023


First I want to say thank you to everyone who has allowed me this opportunity to serve our Late Nite Movie community over the past few years. Thank you for the support, praise, return visits and tweets! My primary goal with this project has always been to have fun, while my secondary objective has been to learn more about these things. You have all helped me accomplish these goals. Thank you. @ekym

The vast majority of our users will want to continue
using last years chat client running on the mibbit platform
dont worry they both connect to the same room.

LINK to last years Chat Room [2017]

Our latest new chat room , in the spirit of learning new things, Is a more advanced IRC chat client, the project itself runs on theLounge platform. 

LINK to this years Chat room [2019]

Things that are the same:

1. They both connect to the same server [] port [6667] chat room [#syfydesigns]
2. Caprica still loves you
3. The Late Nite Movie Gang is all together as well as the support staff
4. !trivia works in either client

Advantages over the previous version are:

1. Ability to change the theme color from lite to dark
2. Saved settings [ optional: including passwords for those who wish to register]
4. Allot more buttons to click on and try
6. View images sent to the channel by other chatters without leaving the room
7. It should maintain a connection and should you desire you can keep a tab open more frequently or always
8 . Better mobile support [ tablets, phones ect ]
Up on the upper left, click where is says to the right the 3 bars will collapse the left side and reveal more screen space if your on a small screen device.  
3. I don't personally care for the default theme color [lite/default] the dark is better, working on a custom theme atm

I personally use a chat client known as mIRC, and have for many years, any irc chat client can connect to the server with these settings
server [] port [6667] chat room [#syfydesigns]
These WebIRC chat clients I have given us are only for your convenience
See you on movie night!
To be Continued @ekym