Today, my boyfriend and I did ourselves the biggest favor that we could possibly do for ourselves. Around 12 noon, we turned off our laptops, turned off our phones, and we went down to Lookout Park, which is a lovely stretch of land that's located a few miles away from the house. We walked along the creek. We walked through the woods. We went to the old graveyard, which was our town's first graveyard. The headstones were originally placed in the 19th Century and they're still there, reminding us of the lives that came before ours.

It was nice and it was also a good reminder that's there's a world out that that is not defined by what's trending or who said what on Instagram. I'm glad we did it, even if it means that I didn't get watch and review all of the movies that I was planning on watching and reviewing today. That can all wait.

Sometimes, you just have to appreciate the world beyond your front door (or the screen of your laptop, as the case may be).