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  • Motorola i1 for nextel

    Yea I am still stuck with nextel, there are probably a 100 or so good reasons to dump it and get a HTC EVO 4G but what can I say, I like the direct connect and I'll admit it.

    The new Motorola i1 Has many problems right out of the box that make it suck compared to the Sprint HTC, It is stuck on the iden network being the largest of the problems, no doubt. The iden network is max at 26.5 K half the speed of a standard dial up connection at 56 K. Unreal to get a phone that has split second Direct connect times you must have an extremely slow data rate. The second big problem is the Android 1.5+ operating system, although it will be a huge advancement into somewhat modern technology for Nextel, the software has been modified to support the direct connect. Reportedly, the phones operating system could be upgraded at some point in the future, but my guess is no, otherwise they would do it before its released this July the 25th.

    The list of good features is also quite nice once you get past those other two whoppers. The first smart phone for nextel unless you count the i930, it runs the Android system and can run apps from the market like any other android phone. Full military specifications so, it should be dust resistant, tuff and is insurable for a full replacement if it gets broken or lost. Fully WiFi compatible, this feature makes the slow iden data rate somewhat tolerable. When you are within range of a WiFi hot spot your data rate will be increased considerably, like at home or whatever. The 5 mega pixel camera is better then the standard 2 mp camera that comes standard on most nextel clam shell style phones. Removable battery and sim card, memory is expandable to 32 gb with the micro sd card. This phone comes stock with a 2 gb micro sd card.

    I also read something about when you are running apps from the android system that the PPT dose not work unless you are connected with WiFi.

    This should be a fun toy and I hope to have one as soon as it becomes available.

    All reports say that will be Next Sunday July the 25th.

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    Just a follow up on my post, I was able to order the Motorola i1 for direct ship on the 25th of July 2010. For what ever reason the store did not have any for cash and carry. I placed my order and received my new phone on Tuesday the 27th.

    First impressions of the phone was a definite WOW! This phone is so far advanced over anything Nextel has had before it isn't funny. The Android operating system improves the features of the phone so much at this point it really seems limitless. I know the new 2.2 Android system that is due out this week for some phones is reportedly way advanced over the 1.5 but I don't care.

    As they say, "There's an App for that"

    So far I have gotten many app's for free from the Android Market, some I even paid for. Most are only a buck or two but some developers feel there products are worth quite a bit more, or they have some nitch that makes it worth buying. I could get an app for the i1 that would allow me to remote start my vehicle, communicate with my car's on board computer to receive OBD2 computer codes for diagnostics, remote desktop software like logmein ignition, or a command line utility for ssh connections.

    It's a little early to say but so far with heavy use, the battery is lasting 37 hours. I have not been trying to conserve at all so far this week, I'm pretty sure that if I wanted to under normal usage conditions I could average 2 days without a charge. If I run into battery issues I could easily just pick up another battery from Ebay and keep an extra charged but I doubt I will worry about it.

    Threaded text messaging is big selling feature, although I am still not completely comfortable with all of the "newness". It will take me quite some time to completely learn all the in's and out's of this unit. It comes with stock internet browser as well as Opera mini. You can also install the dolphin browser that I have heard is pretty nice.

    I have spent the majority of my time testing this phone right here at my desk where I am within range of my WIFI hot spot. I went for breakfast and the restaurant had free WIFI, allot of people will have wifi at both work and home. If you are not within range, then yes you are stuck on the iden network at 26.5 k. Gmail will work fine and lite internet browsing but you can forget any downloads or streaming video, if these items are a must have then you better get the EVO.

    The Nextel direct connect, from what I can tell so far, works exactly like it should. Scroll through your contact list and pick someone with DC and hit the PTT button. I have yet to test the navigation, but I'm sure it works similar to the navigation system in my wife's blackberry. It's way better then nothing if your lost but no substitute for one of the stand alone Garmin Nuvi or Magellan portable GPS navigator's.