Bitcoin, I have been interested in it for awhile now. I have set up my accounts and started "mining" for bitcoin. You may have heard about the asic bitcoin minners and that they typically burn as much money as they earn in electricity costs. So you mostly find them in use where electric costs are not a factor. To the best of my ability I have looked into the electricity costs to run a computer for the year, laptop costs about $8 per year. Maybe your a power user? And you leave multiple computers running at all times. I have unlimited data as well, so although I don't have the additional cost you might. So your data usage rate's may apply.

I have been trying the passive earning way. Basically you make your account and watch the video's all day, in my case I'm testing it on a computer that is on all day already. It's real easy.

For this test, I have earned about $10 per week for 2 weeks, you can make the withdraw to your paypal or bitcoin wallet. Give it a try and let me know how you do.