There are two choices,
I must be either super naive, or insane!
That is if your definition of insanity is doing the same thing over, and over while expecting a different result.
I got sucked into watching these TV shows who all seem to have the same thing in common, they are searching for "something." There's Monsterquest where they search for some type of monster, or big rat, lol.
There's Mountain Monsters which is like the Jethro hillbilly version of Monsterquest.
There's all the B.S. paranormal shows like Ghost Mine, Ghost Hunters, Haunted Highway, Expedition Unknown.
(There are a lot more, these are just the ones I watched.)
There are also the crypto shows like Searching for Lost Giants, and Finding Bigfoot.
My lists don't really matter, they are all the same. You get sucked into watching as these teams of people go through some big adventure looking for "something" and by the end there is nothing found.
There are always good excuses at the end, mostly spoken by the narrator, like maybe something used to be here, we heard some noise, that could have been a ghost, UFO, Bigfeet, fossil, giant... but no definitive results.
Oh I almost forgot America Unearthed and Treasure Quest: Snake Island.
Watching any of them to the end is like kissing your sister...There is no payoff.
Anyway, I have once again been drawn into watching a newer arrival, The Curse of Oak Island. It just ended its second season. They too are looking for "something."
I am becoming fearful that the same thing is happening again.
They have aired entire episodes where nothing much has happened.
Dig a hole, nothing, maybe wood, talk, crazy theory, talk, the end.
I don't blame the on air talent, I blame the producers for this lack of substance.
The producers have gone out of their way to drag each episode out as long as it will stretch to produce a series. It's agony!
So, after investing so much time in watching this Oak Island show, and caring about the people and their dream, I hope it reaches a tangible ending.
If not, I am done with searcher shows. I will not be played with like a yo-yo.
I have my mental health to think about.