During the early nineteen nineties the chinese government began offering Long March rocket services to foreign satellite companies at the Xichang space center. The strict rules and regulations for launch services on US soil had become cost prohibitive for many US manufacturers. This bargain led satellite manufacturers in the US to sign on for this service.
A launch with an american satellite onboard occurred that ended in failure. It landed in a village shortly after takeoff. This was not the first launch related tragedy. The official chinese government report stated that around six people were killed. In reality it was closer to 600. This is a link to a video of the launch failure and the aftermath.

The involved american companies attempted to help the chinese determine the cause of the failure. This was a big no-no to the american government and the companies were fined for alleged technology transfer.
This led the Department of Defense to create a technology safeguard monitor program in an effort to prevent any US technology transfer to a foreign government.

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This program was entirely staffed by active duty volunteers.
Along with the satellite they would board an Antonov transport plane, the only type available large enough to transport many satellites.

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Once the satellite was loaded they would stay with it until it was secured at the Xichang processing facility. Thier job at the site did not end until the mated satellite was launched.
In the interim the current president was running for reelection.
The chinese government made large cash contributions to his reelection campaign utilizing three taiwanese nationals as the contributors. In turn the president ensured through his personal relationships within satellite manufacturers that the chinese received the needed technology expertise to further their guidance and control program, in effect sidestepping the defense technology security administration, and the technology safeguard monitoring program. Once this foreign payee program was discovered, and became public, an effort was made by the president to redirect the attention away from this issue. It was reported that the money had been returned, however, proof of this has been elusive. Then our president became the first sitting US president in history to state on national media that the National Reconnaissance Office existed. This tactic worked. It caused an uproar on capitol hill. The politicians wanted answers. Subpoenas were issued for executive staff, records were boxed and sealed, hearings started, and the politicians attention was diverted.
Misdirection on this level was a very effective tool. He was elected to a second term.
The president violated the terms of his own security clearance agreement by going public. Many active duty personnel and national DOD programs were affected negatively by this action.

A micro-poem

Metals flying
Blackened earth
Clothes are dyeing
Opposite of birth?
Silent screams
Eardrums broke
Will anyone
Notify his folk?
Rotor wash
Chaotic scramble
Skids are dragging
Grab the handle
Metals flying