Sounds like heaven to me!

Is what Patrick Smith, the benevolent @theClurichaun tweeted out on the 5th of Dec.
It caught my eye and I have been mulling it over ever since because I live out. That's what we call it, just "out".
I have lived out for most of my adult life. Sure there was that stint in base housing during the service, and I have existed in metropolitan cities when work required it. Mostly I always tried to find a place in the nowhere wherever I was.
There are different kinds of living out. There is northern plains living where there are more mosquitos than trees and your closest neighbor is two clicks away. I have done that. There is desert living where there is literally nothing and you spend most of your time wishing for a quick death. I have done that one also. Now I live in the forest.
I thought I could sit down and let you know some things that might make it better to live in nowhere and some tips to living out that might help if you ever make it out here. This also gives me something different to write about. This is not an all inclusive list, only things I have noticed while doing my own thing.

The drive to the nearest retail establishment for me is 14 miles one way. These miles are on what they call here lane and a half roads, through the woods. You learn to combine trips and get everything you need in one shot. Every trip to town is a gallon of gas.

We finally got DSL! That how I met you guys. Without it there would be no this. It seems like a small thing and you might be laughing but it is a far cry from smoke signals.

In nowhere you need one of these

If the sun shines to brightly the power lines will throw themselves on the ground in defeat. We have gone eleven days in a row without power. I back feed the house through this in the shop. Out here you need to learn lectric.

In nowhere you have a well for water. You also have a septic tank and leach field for the other thing no one wants to talk about. You are on the hook to make sure these things work correctly. Figure out a way to store rainwater for power emergencies and animal care like this.

This one is for the chicken daily trough.
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When you live out chickens are fresh protein. Its your KFC on legs. Doesn't get any fresher. And the eggs, cant forget the eggs, add that to your chore list.

If you decide to keep fowl I have learned it is best to keep all of the food stuffs

Inside containers made of metal

Mostly because when you live out there are rodents, snakes, and spiders. Even with three cats catching rodents I still have to set traps in the outbuildings so add that to your chore list.

Next, you may want to get something like this, not for fun, for work. Remember its just you out there. Don't think someone from the county is going to come plow your quarter mile driveway.

Or this if the first thing cant haul enough wood for the wood stove. Your gonna heat with wood right? Guess who is going to go get the fuel for that thing>you.

And the attachments, got to have attachments or your doing it by hand, again.

When your all done if you can get a hot tub it helps with the muscle ache. They will ache. It is also important for morning routines before work if the power is out. Get me?

So all in all not a very long list just some things to ponder when your sipping your next overpriced cup of coffee and scrolling through the internets on your modern high speed, lightning fast connection. Love you guys.