OK, so dont read this, waste of your time. stop. now.
This is me being pissie and venting a bunch of stuff that bugs the shite out of me as a fan and I want to get it out.
Did this recently as alliteration, came to me and I couldn't get it out of my head, so down it goes on paper. Yes, I did it.

Rapid rabid rabbits inhabit the abbot Cabot's habit
making rabbit tablets the rapid habit of abbot Cabot

Watching the walking dead a couple of episodes ago when Glen got into trouble and it upset the wife to no end. I turned to her in that moment and told her not to worry and explained to her the exact scene that they just aired out with him hiding and living, and I mean verbatim. I did not say anything online but I did enjoy watching all the convos and peeps freaking out. I don't care if you believe me or not, you could ask the wife but that's not the point, it's a curse I was born with.
Its called attention to detail.
Have you ever tried to hide under a dumpster? Didnt think so, try it, cant be done. Detail.

They started this series in Georgia and they have never shown a cockroach. Fracking Georgia!
I don't mean infected bugs, I don't give a shit about what can or can not get infected. I am talking about backround attention to detail. You are in Georgia, they are everywhere! Any program is much more enjoyable when the creators pay more attention to background detail.

Speaking ofǪ.The Asylum made how much money on the first two Sharknado movies?
Our hero Fin is on the shuttle in space and he is wearing hemmed pants over boots! Check it out, it's in there. The Hoff flies over to a satellite and opens a plywood door (you shitten me?) that has metal tape over the screw heads (what?). All that money made off the first two and you cant rent some believable spacesuits? Couldn't hire someone to pay attention to the background details?

Which brings me to Citizen Z. Last episode of last season the automatic deadman switch goes off and launches all the nukes. They insert footage of above ground Atlas launches from Vandenberg AFB and Cape Canaveral. First off, the Atlas is liquid fueled and cannot sit idle and loaded for months. And B, they don't carry nukes. Could have showed SSBM or Minuteman footage. Again attention to detail.

First episode of this season they find themselves on the backroads near Devils Tower WY. They drive on the backroads and show them at the end of the ep. 60 miles from Minneapolis. Really? Another thing that can't be done in a day on those back roads.

Attention to background detail man, that's all Im asking. I'm a fan and I watch. I understand that they are silly shows that have no basis in reality but if you truly want me to get caught up in these shows hire someone that can watch out for the stupid shite. It is distracting.
There have been enough articles about these movies and shows kissing your ass, I'm not one of those. I will tell it to you straight.