In 1997 a GPS block IIR satellite attempted to get a ride to proper orbit aboard a Delta II rocket. This short clip is what happened about 12 or 13 seconds into launch. It is from a high speed range camera at the end of the access road.
I am doing something wrong loading clips on YouTube either loading the wrong format or something else because they don't look the same as when I edit them. Another failed experiment.
I shortened the clip to after the camera motor winds down because there is not much action after that.
Launch Complex 31 (LC-31) is the 60's era Minuteman launch silo site where Nasa entombed the remains of the Shuttle Challenger. It is not super far from LC-17 where this launch attempt took place and was upwind from the toxic plume of chemicals and gasses. Although debris fell in a wide area it did not damage this site as it was outside and to the east of the explosion.
Also on this day in 1997 Dennis Rodman was suspended indefinitely and that is all that happened, sad day.