Sometimes goes up very slowly when your talking about engineering stringouts.
This link is a clip of engineering stringouts that were shot in slow motion at launch complex 36 and were used by the engineering department to study the launch and attached systems after the fact to verify performance.
The subject was an Atlas IIAS launch giving a ride to a DOD/NRO payload named Capricorn.
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The IIAS rocket model added four Thiokol Castor IVA solid rocket boosters to the core vehicle.
Launch complex 36 is no longer there, they demolished it (heavy sigh).
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The tape I found was an hour and a half long so I made a fifteen minute clip. So if you dig watching slow-mo rocket action let me know and I will upload more short clips till its all on there.
This does not contain any Pew,Pew,Pew, if I can figure that out I'll start adding it!